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EGGLL Softball Pitching Clinics

Hello EGGLL Families, We are proud to announce that EGGLL is arranging softball pitching clinics as the season begins. Softball is a sport that is very dependent on pitching and without a pitcher who can throw strikes in the upper levels, the game can become very boring for the players and the fans. In the past few years, some of our teams have struggled with the lack of pitching. The board has made a commitment to try and help begin the pitching development of the younger players. Pitching is a big commitment and takes a lot of time outside of practice. The league would like to offer a 3-week introductory pitching clinic for anyone who has an interest in being a pitcher. The sessions will be taught by Jenn Lattal, who was a 3 time all conference player at Windsor High and pitched Division 2 college softball at Assumption College. The sessions will be one hour each at Salmon Brook Park Field 1. They will be offered from 10am - 11am and 11am - 12pm on Sunday April 30th, May 7th, and May 14th. Players enrolled in AA for the Spring can enroll in the 10:00 session, and players in AAA can enroll in the 11:00 session. There will only be 8 slots at each time so everyone will get the most from the clinics. We are asking that you remain in the same time slot for all three weeks and make the commitment to come to all three sessions. Due to the limited spots, we ask that only players that feel they will have time to make a commitment and practice on their own sign up at this time. As we realize the importance of developing softball pitching, the league is paying for a portion of the clinics, and participants will be asked to only pay $30 for the entire three weeks of instructions, which amounts to only $10 per hour lesson. These clinics are only meant as an introduction to pitching. It takes a long time to develop the correct mechanics, but there will also be time to continue working on the mechanics during some of the regular practice times. Sign-ups are on a first come first serve basis and you can sign up by clicking here. If there are any questions, please contact Kelley Hassett at Thank you, EGGLL Board

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