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East Granby/Granby Little League (E.G.G.L.L)

Parental Volunteer Requirement


Prior to the 2017-2018 season, EGGLL enacted a volunteer requirement that applies to all families who have a child participating in EGGLL baseball or softball.


The Volunteer Requirement, requires EVERY FAMILY who has a child participating in EGGLL baseball or softball to fulfil volunteer duties in order to receive a refund of their fifty ($50) volunteer fee (there are some exceptions, so please read this entire announcement).




  1. What is the purpose of the Volunteer fee

The Primary Purpose of the volunteer fee is to help drive volunteerism.EGGLL has various duties and responsibilities that would be overwhelming if left exclusively to the EGGLL board members to fulfill.The EGGLL Board needs volunteers to take on some of the various tasks so that the league can run smoothly and effectively.


  1. How much is the volunteer fee?

The EGGLL volunteer fee for the 2021 season will be fifty ($50) dollars.


  1. How do I pay the volunteer fee?

When you register your child for EGGLL baseball or softball, the volunteer fee is automatically added at the time of registration.


  1. What is the volunteer requirement?

The volunteer requirement states that every family of an EGGLL participating player must complete A TOTAL OF SIX (6) VOLUNTEER HOURS.

  1. 2 out of the 6 total volunteer hours must be completed by volunteering in the Granbrook and/or EG Farms snack shack. (Please see the exceptions listed under #9)
  2. The other 4-hour volunteer requirement can be satisfied in many other ways (Please see #11 below)


  1. Why is it important to volunteer in the snack shack?

The snack shack accounts for a substantial portion of revenue that EGGLL brings in every year.This revenue goes to pay for umpires, replace older equipment and satisfies other league necessities.


  1. Why do EGGLL volunteers work the snack shacks at EG Farms and Granbrook but not at Salmon Brook Park?

The Town of Granby operates the concessions at Salmon Brook Park and thus EGGLL does not receive any portion of the proceeds derived from concession sales at Salmon Brook Park.Conversely, EGGLL receives 100% of the profit derived from sales at the snack shacks at EG Farms and Granbrook Park.


  1. Can I satisfy my volunteer requirement by volunteering all six (6) hours in the snack shack?



  1. What if I am a Granby resident, do I still have to work in the snack shack at EG Farms or Granbrook

YES, every family of an EGGLL participating player (regardless of the town you live in) is required to fulfil the 2-hour volunteer requirement in the snack shack. (please see the exception listed under #9)


  1. Is every family required to complete the two-hour snack shack requirement?

No. EGGLL has made two exceptions to the snack shack requirement rule.

  1. Parents of Little Sluggers/t-ball players are exempt from ALL volunteer requirements (including the snack shack requirement).
  2. If your child plays in a division that does not play games at EG Farms or Granbrook Park, you are exempt from the 2-hour snack shack volunteer requirement. (You must still fulfil the 4-hour volunteer requirement)


  1. How old do you have to be to work in the snack shack?

You can work alone in the snack shack if you are over the age of 16.

You can work in the snack shack if you are between the ages of 11 and 15, if you are accompanied by an adult.


  1. What tasks can I do to satisfy my volunteer requirement?

Below is a list of tasks that a family can do to satisfy the volunteer requirement

  1. Manager
  2. “Designated” Assistant Coach
  3. Member of the Opening Day committee
  4. Member of the “Annual Fundraiser” committee
  5. Snack Shack
  6. Apparel Coordinator
  7. Volunteering at Opening Day
  8. Volunteer Coordinator
  9. Adult Umpire Advocate


  1. If I have multiple kids in the league, do I have to complete more volunteer hours?

No, the requirement is per family, not per child.


  1. How do I receive my refund at the end of the season?

EGGLL will hold a “volunteer fee refund night” sometime in July shortly following the Fourth of July holiday where Parents can show up at a location (provided the volunteer requirement has been fulfilled) and be issued a check right on the spot for their refund.


  1. After I complete a volunteer function, how can I make sure that the proper person knows that I completed a volunteer task?

Every EGGLL event will have an event coordinator.Make sure that you contact the event coordinator at the event, or shortly thereafter to make sure that the Event Coordinator has you marked down for the event


  1. How do I know, or how can I make sure that my volunteer fee has been fulfilled?

You would contact EGGLL President, Bill Hallam (


  1. If I manage a team, do I still have to complete the volunteer requirement?

No, managing a team satisfies your volunteer requirement


  1. If I am the assistant coach on a team, do I still have to complete the volunteer requirement?

Maybe, being a “designated assistant coach” satisfies your volunteer requirement.

Each manager is allowed to name two (2) individuals to be his/her “designated assistant coaches”.The manager may have as many additional coaches as he/she wants, but only two can be named “designated assistant coaches” and this designation will fulfil the volunteer requirement.


  1. Will my volunteer fee be refunded if I have not fulfilled my volunteer requirement?

No, refunds will not be issued unless the Volunteer Coordinator, Parent Manager Coordinator or other Executive Board Member has been provided proof that your volunteer requirement has been fulfilled and has signed off on your refund.


  1. Who do I contact if I would like to volunteer for something?

Feel free to contact any EGGLL board member and they can assist you in finding a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.Additionally, feel free to contact EGGLL Vice President of Baseball, Brett Lowman ( or EGLL Vice President of Softball, Pat Lynch (