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Every family involved in East Granby/Granby Little League (EGGLL) is encourage to volunteer for a role within the league.  Although we encourage volunteerism, EGGLL has established certain volunteer requirements.


Families who have children involved within the following divisions are required to pay a fifty ($50) dollar “volunteer fee” at the time of registration.

  1. Farm Baseball/Softball
  2. AA Baseball/Softball
  3. AAA Baseball/Softball
  4. Majors Baseball/Softball
  5.  Juniors Baseball/Softball

(Little Sluggers and Tball are exempt from paying the volunteer fee.)


Although we appreciate all families who are willing to donate their volunteer fee to the league at the conclusion of the season, the volunteer fee will be refunded to all families who request one, so long as you have fulfilled your volunteer requirement.


The volunteer requirement consists of six (6) total volunteer hours. 


For any division that participates in activities (games and/or practices) at East Granby Farms or Granbrook Park, you are REQUIRED to complete two (2) or your six (6) total required volunteer hours in a snack shack at either EG Farms or Granbrook Park (regardless of whether you are an East Granby resident or a Granby resident).


The Following divisions will participate in activities at East Granby Farms or Granbrook Park and thus are required to complete the two-hour snack shack requirement.

  1. Farm Baseball
  2. AA Baseball
  3. AAA Baseball
  4. Majors Baseball

(Besides the divisions listed above, no other division is required to complete the two-hour snack shack requirement.)


If your six (6) hour volunteer requirement is not signed off on by the Team Parent Manager of the team your child is a player on, your volunteer fee will NOT be refunded. You must make sure, prior to requesting a refund, that your child’s Team Parent Manager has approved the return of your volunteer fee.


Your entire volunteer requirement can be satisfied by agreeing to accept another volunteer role within EGGLL.  If you are interested in accepting another volunteer role to satisfy your volunteer requirement, please contact EGGLL President Brandon Freeman at


The Following roles/job will count towards satisfying your volunteer requirement:

  1. East Granby Farms Snack Shack
  2. Granbrook Park Snack Shack
  3. Opening Day Chairperson
  4. Opening Day Volunteering
  5. Annual Fundraiser Coordinator
  6. “Designated” Assistant Coach
  7. Manager of a team
  8. Team Parent Manager
  9. Gold Athletics Fundraiser
  10. Apparel Coordinator


The Board would suggest Parents do the following:

  1. Once your child is assigned to a team, contact your child’s coach and find out who the Team Parent Manager is.  (If you are willing to be the team’s Parent Manager, please let your child’s coach know.)


  1. Contact the Team Parent Manager and let them know which member of your family will be volunteering and which roles you are interested in filling to meet your volunteer requirement.


  1. Sign up for the roles you would like to fill on the nights you would like to fill them.  (Your Team Parent Manager will let you know how they plan to run sign-ups for the different roles.)


  1. Make sure that on the nights you have filled a role, that your Team Parent manager is aware and has noted that you have filled that role.


  1. At the conclusion of the season, follow-up with your team parent manager to make sure that you have met your volunteer requirement.


  1. If you have any questions about volunteering, the volunteer requirement or any other volunteer related issue, please feel free to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Kate Connole at .