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East Granby / Granby Little League Volunteers,


The East Granby  EGGLL Home / Granby Little League organization is committed to providing a safe environment for our players.  In keeping with this commitment, Little League International standards require all volunteers to undergo a background check. EGGLL will again be utilizing, J.D. Palantine (JDP), who has partnered with Little League International to provide this service.  This service is paperless and the application process will be completed through J.D. Palantine's secure website.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please indicate on your registration form that you are interested or go to the GRANBEAST Website ( and click on the “VOLUNTEER SIGNUP” button to register.  Once you are registered a separate email containing a link to the JDP website will be sent.  This link will direct you to the East Granby / Granby Little League online volunteer application.


If you have any questions or require help with the volunteer application process, please contact the East Granby / Granby Little League Safety Officer, Chris Perry at 

 Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  I submitted my paperwork last year and had a background check done for the 2020 season.  Do I need to have a background check done again for the 2021 season?

ANSWER: YES. All volunteers must submit to a new background check every calendar year.


2.  Do I need to complete a 2021 Volunteer Application on paper and mail it to the League?

ANSWER:  NO.  An email will be sent to individuals interested in volunteering which will provide a link to where the 2020 Volunteer Application may be filed electronically via the secure J.D. Palatine website.


3.  Is there a “RETURNING” Volunteer application?

ANSWER:  YES.  You will be asked to indicate whether you completed a background check in 2020 during your sign-up process.


4.  During the online filing process J. D. Palatine’s website is asking for my driver’s license and social security numbers, am I required to give these details?

ANSWER:  YES.  In order to properly run the background check to Little League International standards, a driver’s license and social security number is required and mandatory.


5.  I have already submitted my 2021 Volunteer application through the mail.  What should I do?

ANSWER:  You will receive an email with instructions on how to submit your application electronically through the secure J. D. Palatine Website.  Paper documents you may have already submitted will be securely destroyed.


6.  What are some examples of who is considered a volunteer and therefore will require a background check?

ANSWER:  Any persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular services to the league and/or have repetitive access to or contact with, players or teams.  These include but are not limited to: Team managers, team coaches, board of directors’ members, practice coaches, scorekeepers, and announcers.


7.  How do I know if I’ve been approved to be a volunteer?

ANSWER:  The approved volunteer list will be posted and updated periodically on the Granbeast website as new volunteers are approved.


8.  Who is J.D. Palatine?