Granby Little League P.O. Box 115 Granby, CT 06035

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Farm Ball is offered to player ages 7 and 8.  Again, this is primarily a developmental league. This typically is a Coach or Machine pitch league.  Like Tee Ball, there is one practice and one 3 inning game per week.  There is no score, but players do make outs.  This league is made up of Granby and East Granby teams.  Like T-ball, managers strive to make practice fun – teaching skills through games and/or basic drills.  By the end of Farm Ball, in addition to the t-ball skills, a player should be able to make an accurate throw to first base after fielding a ball from 2nd base, catch a short fly ball, understand some of the basics of base-running, know the different positions on the field, know where to stand in the batter’s box, and be able to hit off of coach-pitch.  Players should be rotated through all positions, and batting orders should be rotated to give every child the opportunity play all positions throughout the year, and to bat first and last.

o   Farm is our coach or machine pitch league

o   Players can expect to play 1-2 years in Farm.

o   Players who are age 6 who played EGLL T-ball previously can request to be placed in Farm.

o   Farm typically has 1 practice and 1 game per week