Granby Little League P.O. Box 115 Granby, CT 06035

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We offer a Co-ed and Girls only T-Ball program for player ages 4 through 6.  There is one practice and one game per week.  This is solely a developmental league where our goals are to introduce the basic skills of hitting, catching and throwing, while learning some of the basic rules.  T-ball managers strive to keep practices fun, while focusing on one or two key skills per practice.  By the end of T-ball, some of the skills the players should understand are: what constitutes an out, which way to run the bases, how to swing a bat, to run to 1st base after hitting the ball, running thru first base, how to field a ground ball, and the basics of throwing. We do not keep score, each batter bats every inning and the game lasts for 3 innings. There are no outs and all players reach base safely.  Players should be rotated through all positions, and batting orders should be rotated to give every child the opportunity play all positions throughout the year, and to bat first and last.

o   Players can expect to play 1 or 2 years of T-Ball.

o   Players must be age 5 as of 8/31 to play T-Ball.  Younger players may register if their parent is willing to volunteer as a coach.

o   All 5-year and 6-year olds who have not previously played EGLL will be placed in T-Ball regardless of whether they have prior baseball experience.

T-ball typically has 1 practice and 1 game per week