Granby Little League P.O. Box 115 Granby, CT 06035

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Thank you for your interest in coaching in the East Granby Granby Little League.  Please read below for more information about the league's philosophy and ways that you can contribute.  Keep an eye on the main page for upcoming Coaches Meetings and Clinics.


VISION STATEMENT: To build character, courage and loyalty in all our athletes and become the model Little League program in the state of Connecticut.


MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of East Granby / Granby Little League is to provide a safe, instructional and fun environment for our children to learn the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and respect.  We will complete this by:

-Inspiring performance and improvement on the field

-Lead thru personal successes and failures

-Educate our youth to be responsible with the talent given them.


PHILOSOPHY:  The philosophy of our program is more akin to a recreation league than a "travel" team.  To that end, our primary focus is on the development of our players, while providing a fun and safe atmosphere.  We also strive to ensure that as our players move to more senior leagues, we provide a level of play that is challenging and competitive for those that wish to continue with baseball/softball in the future.  We accomplish this by focusing on learning the basics and having fun in T-Ball, Farm, and AA, which are considered our instructional leagues.  At the AAA level, we add some additional skills and begin to keep standings, thus introducing a competitive component to the sport.  Majors is the last year on the smaller diamond for baseball, and in both baseball and softball, this is our most competitive year.   The league always puts skill development, teamwork and having fun before competition.


If you'd like to learn more about our specific levels and what they entail, please click here for the Coaching Handbook PDF file.


Anyone interested in managing or coaching or those with questions, please contact our Coaching Coordinator, Brett Lowman, at